Where to Buy and Sell Spicas

Audiogon www.audiogon.com
A respected, long-time auto destination with information, classified ads and reviews.

US Audio Mart www.usaudiomart.com
Offers to list your items for free and has an extensive list of items. A relative newcomer to the US, Audio Mart operates as CanuckAudioMart in Canada and expanded to the US in 2012.

eBay www.ebay.com
Hard to beat both for price and availability of used systems. Be sure to check the seller's ratings and number of transactions.

Spicas for sale on eBay:

Used Spica Prices

When new, Spica TC-50's sold between $395 and $450/pair. The TC-50i's were launched in $550/pair (1988). The SC-30 listed for $399/pair, TC-60 for $795 in oak, $825 in black and $895/pair in cherry. The Angelus ranged from $949 (1987) to $1275/pair (1993).

Buyer Beware:

Spica matched components to very exact tolerances and hand assembled in matching pairs. If the numbers aren't sequential (123/124, early models, ) or match (123a/b, later models), the speakers aren't a matching set. If your considering Spica's with that have had the drivers replaced, beware that factory matched replacements (see service codes) have not been available for sometime.