Spica (spī'kə) was started by John Bau in 1978 and continued until its purchase by Parasound late in 1993. The February, 1988 interview with John Bau in Stereophile covers Spica's early efforts and the history of the company through the launch of the Angelus. In November of 1995, Parasound announced that it was suspending Spica development. In the announcement Parasound discussed the market pressures it was under, pledging that TC-60 production would continue through the spring of 1996.

This is the former Spica Headquarters on Bryn Mawr Dr. in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Spica Office

Product Chronology:

January, 1979 SC-50 Launched at CES
January, 1983 TC-50 Launched at WCES
1985 Servo Sub  
January, 1988 TC-50i began shipping revised TC50i (approx. s/n 7500)
January, 1988 Angelus Launched WCES
1989 SC-30 Launched
1993 Spica Parasound Purchases Spica
1994 TC-60 Launched / Press Release pdf
1995 Spica Parasound Announces End of Spica Development pdf

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