Although housed in a conventional rectangular enclosure, Spica touted near phase-aligned performance for the SC-30, with the same neutrality, transparency, and spectacular imaging and soundstaging performance that is the hallmark of Spica products.

Unlike other Spicas the SC-30 employees point-to-point wiring. Rather than components being mounted to a circuit board the crossover components were soldered together and secured to the cabinet with hot glue. 

Electrolytic capacitors were used in the SC-30 because of their lower price and smaller size. Unfortunately electrolytics are prone to failure with age. See: Upgrading/Repairing Crossovers  

SC-30 Crossover Components

All resistors are 5W metal films. Electrolytics are 50V Bennic Caps, film types are 100V-250V depending on the value.

2 - 6.5 Uf
1 - 1.5 OHM
1 - 6.5 OHM
1 - 16 OHM
1 - 2.4 mh

SC-30 Crossover

SC-30 Schematic