This is a list of the best Spica resources I am aware of. I am always looking for additional links. Do you have something that belongs here? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Spica Loudspeaker User Group (Yahoo)

Spica Loudspeaker User Group - Yahoo Forum
SLUG is a great resource for all things Spica.
Note: This very knowledgeable group is eager to assist Spica fans. You will find frequent references and information from the SLUG site on these pages which is used with permission from its organizer.

Speaker Rebuilders

These are speaker rebuilders that are routinely recommended in the forums.

Bill Legalle, is routinely mentioned on SLUG as one of the best:
1422 Taylor Road, Lansdale, PA 19446
(215) 412-7700

The Speaker Exchange:
I received a glowing review of the work this company did on a Angelus woofer. The Spica owner said "..they handled my Polydax 8” driver with loving care. I highly recommend them". Apparently the cone was split and the Speaker Exchange was the only resource that would consider repairing it.
1250 E. Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

Speaker Builder Parts / Speaker Repair Parts

Chokes Unlimited:
I haven't done business with these guys but it looks like the RGT5000 and RGT5025 would be good replacements for the original versa-tronics 901 terminal cups.

Do It Yourself Audio
DIY Audio is an American-based sister project to the diyAudio fourms. It grew out of the need for do-it-yourself audio fanatics to easily purchase hard-to-find parts for their projects.

GR Research:
They previously offerred a replacement tweeter with matching crossover with significantly upgraded components in a kit (discontinued). However, they still offer components to upgrade your existing crossover if you are just trying to replace/upgrade aging components.

Purchased from these guys on several occasions, they offer mostly raw drivers, good service and no hassle returns.

MCM Electronics:
Purchased items from this company on several occasions, huge catalog, lots of options. Good resource for speaker building, terminal cups, etc.

Parts Connexion:
Purchased items from this company on several occasions, high quality audiophile grade, electronic components.

Parts Express
Purchased items from this company on several occasions. They offer a wide-range of speaker building supplies, grill cloth, damping material, gaskets, acoustic stuffing.

Simply Speakers
I have purchased speaker grill cloth from these guys, no problems. Wide range of speaker builder parts.

Speaker City:
No experience with these guys, but they have the goods!