While not a Spica product, the TC-50 / Kinergetics' SW-100 sub combination was prominently displayed in the Kinergetics brochure. The Kinergetics SW-100 subwoofer was offered in two configurations, the dual woofer SW-100 and single woofer SW-100.5. The SW-200 amplifier was a separate amplifier/crossover designed to drive the SW-100. The SW-100 sub/SW-200 amp combination was marketed as the BSC* Subwoofer System. Kinergetics also offered the "Music Mate" stands for mating the subs with a satellite system, prominently displayed with Spica TC-50's in the brochure.

The January 1990 Stereophile review of Kinergetics KCD-40 CD player references the TC-50 / BSC* subwoofer combination saying:

"..one thing I have noticed is that the small California company Kinergetics has invariably produced extremely musical sounds from CDs at CE Shows with a system put together around relatively modest-priced components, in particular a pair of Spica TC-50 speakers coupled with Kinergetics' BSC subwoofer system."


Kinergetics Research, closed its doors in August 2000 ending its 20 year run in audio. According to a September 2000 article in Stereophile, company president and owner Tony DiChiro attributed the company's shutdown to "a shrinking market for high-quality two-channel audio." which appears to have been the fate of many of the audio companies of this era.

*Bennett Sound Corporation (BSC) was apparently a division of Kinergetics, Inc. I found patents for BSC and Kinergetics listing the same engineer.


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SW-100 Sub Woofer

Year: 1988
Size: 24"H x 11"W x 15.25"D
Acoustic Power Maximum Output: 112 dB at 1 meter
Price: $790 ($1400 with SW-200 Amplifier)
Weight: 40 lb
Frequency Response: -3db @ 17Hz
Efficiency: 95 db
Sound Pressure: 113 db at 30 Hz, 1 meter (normal music)

Drivers: Dual 10” long stroke woofer

SW-100.5 Sub Woofer

Size: 12.5"H x 11"W x 15"D
Weight: 20 lb
Frequency Response: -3db @ 17Hz
Efficiency: 92 db
Sound Pressure: 107 db at 30 Hz, 1 meter (normal music)

Drivers: Single 10” woofer

Replacement Drivers:

Woofer: Seas 25F EMX H108, 8 Ohm  

SW-200 Amplifier (amp w/built-in crossover)

Year: 1989
Power Rating: 150w/channel
Lower limiting frequency: 15 Hz
Input Impedance: 36K ohm
Crossover Frequency: 100 Hz
Crossover Characteristics: 6 dB/octave cut-off, 6 dB/octave cut/on, Transient correct
Size: 5”H x 19”W x 8”D
Price: $599


Absolute Sound: BSC SW-200


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