The Angelus appears to be Bau's most ambitious speaker design, a departure from previous designs in that it included its own stand. The components in the Angelus crossover appear to similar to those used in Spica's TC-50.

Fewer electrolytic capacitors were used, which is good as the metal film capacitors are more reliable and considered to be sonically cleaner. Electrolytic capacitors are frequently used where larger values are needed because of their lower price and smaller size. Unfortunately electrolytics are prone to failure with age. (Upgrading/Repairing Crossovers and Service Codes)

Spcia Angeleus Crossover

Angelus Crossover Components
1- 20uf 50V electrolytic
5 - 2.2K @ 250V film
2 - 3.3K @ 250V film
1 - 4.7 ohm 5W 5%
1 - 3 ohm 5W 5%
1 - 11 ohm 5% 5W
1 - 12 ohm 5%5W
2 – 1.15 mH (DCR .06-.07 ohms)
1 – 0.97 mH (DCR .06-.07 ohms)

To binding posts to crossover
From crossover to woofer
From crossover to tweeter

Values are listed here will likely not match your values. Crossover components were determined by the service codes of the woofer.



Angelus Schematic

Angelus Board
Layout Sketch

Angelus Crossover Board
Angelus Schematic
Angelus Schematic
Angelus Schematic