Audax(FR) / Polydax (US) no longer manufactures replacement woofers they maintain an on-line archive of specifications.

SC-30 Tweeter
Peerless 62CT13/40PPb
(Spec Sheet Needed) SC-30 Tweeter
TC-50 Tweeter
Audax HD 100 D 25
HD100D25 Spica TC-50 Tweeter Early HD100D25
TC-50i Tweeter
Audax DTW 100 TF
(Spec Sheet Needed) Spica TC-50 Tweeter Late DTW100TF
TC50/TC50i Tweeter
Audax TW0 25 A2
Replacement Tweeter
from Madisound
TW025A2 TW025A2
TC-50i Woofer (late) Same as above Spica TC-50i Woofer HIF17JVX2 CA2
SC-30 Tweeter
Peerless 62CT13/40PPb
Angelus Tweeter
Audax HD12X9D25
hD12X9D25 Angelus Tweeter
Angelus Woofer
Audax TX20X2SRSC
TX20X2SRSC Angeus Woofer
TC-60 Woofer
Peerless 180 WR 33
peerless-832732-1 tc-60-peerless-woofer
TC-60 Tweeter
Vifa D27TG-45
vifa-d27tg-45-06 tc-60-vifa-tweeter

*Note: The specs for these drivers provide correct response curves etc. however, Spica used the 4 ohm version of this driver.