The TC-60 was the last Spica design and the only speaker launched after the Parasound acquisition. While both a 6 ohm and 8 ohm versions of the literature exist, this was only a change in the literature not in the design. 

Few electrolytic capacitors were used, which is preferable, as the metal film capacitors are more reliable and considered to be sonically cleaner. Electrolytic capacitors are frequently used where larger values are needed because of their lower price and smaller size. Unfortunately electrolytics are prone to failure with age.  See: Upgrading/Repairing Crossovers and Service Codes

tc-60-crossover-layout Bau Sketch

TC-60 Crossover Components

All resistors are 5W metal films. Electrolytics are 50V Bennic Caps, film types are 100V-250V depending on the value.

1- 2 uf 
1 - 2.2 uf
2 - 22  uf 
4 - 5.6 uf
1 - 2.0 ohm
1 - 2.2 ohm
1 - 2.4 ohm
1 - 6.8 ohm
1 - 7.4 ohm
1 - 7.5 ohm
1 – .28 mH
1 – .63 mH
1 – 1.10 mH
1 – 2.07 mH

Crossover component values were determined by the service codes of the woofer. The values are listed here will most likely not match your values.

The schematics are designated "1st" and "after". "1st" referrers to the first production run (100 pairs). According to John Bau the 20uF electrolytic capacitors (a non-standard value) were special ordered, but didn't show up in time for the first production run. This meant that the first hundred pairs were built with 22uF electrolytic capacitors (a standard value) and the related components were adjusted to achieve the correct values. Later production runs (after) used the 20uf capacitors.

TC-60 Crossover
TC-60 Schematic
(Bau Sketch, with Notes)tc60-crossover-bau-sketch-120
TC-60 Board Layout
(with notes by Claus)tc-60-crossover-layout-claus-120
TC-60 Board Layout
(Bau Sketch)