SC-50 (1979)

The Spica SC-50 is a two-way bookshelf speaker system. Spica's first design, the speakers cut-away tube design is finished top and bottom in oak panels. The brochure describes the SC-50 as a compact speaker with truly amazing performance. (more)

Spica TC-50 Specifications

TC-50 (1983)

The TC-50 is a deceptively simple two-way loudspeaker based on a 6-1/2 inch acoustically suspended woofer and a 1 inch dome type tweeter. Its crossover network is truly state-of-the-art, in parts quality, circuit layout and, of course, design. (more)


The Spica Servo-Subwoofer was designed to extend the low frequency performance of the Spica TC-50 speaker system. Its computer-optimized crossover network, servo error correction circuit, specially designed 8" woofer, and internal 70 watt power amplifier all contribute to give a dramatic improvement in your system's clarity. (more)

Spica Angelus Flyer

Angelus (1987)

The Spica Angelus furthered the state of the art in dynamic speaker system performance. Featuring exceptional spatial resolution, neutral tonal balance, and a unique and attractive shape. (more)


SC-30 (1989)

The SC-30 is "bookshelf' type speaker offering exceptional levels of price vs. performance. Made possible by recent advances in driver technology, it incorporates features uncommon in its price range. (more)


TC-60 (1994)

The TC-60 was the last model in production and was launched after Spica's purchase by Parasound. The TC-60 reatined the characteristics of its legendary TC-50, plus extended bass, more transparent highs and vastly improved dynamics. (more)