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Crosby Spica Mods / Crosby "Strads"

The Crosby Mod was perhaps the most well known production period mod to the TC-50. Crosby was a "A High End Audio Specialist" located in Hobbs, New Mexico. They were well know for modifying a variety of gear, but perhaps best known for their Quad ESL modifications... (more)

Basel Audio Lab - TC-50 Restoration Project Go there...

Site includes a Technical review along with the measurement, analysis and restoration of two sets of SPICA TC-50 Loudspeakers by Basel Audio Lab.

Carls Custom Loudspeaker - TC-50 Restoration Project TC-50 Restoration Project

Project includes tweeter replacement and crossover updates by Carl's Custom Loudspeakers.

Rework of Spica TC50 crossover

Project photos and notes by member of the the Spica Speaker Users Group

Good Design / Bad Design and DYI

Designing and making things and do it yourself, mostly Audio

  • Rejuvenating Spica TC50
    Owner troubleshoots unbalanced volume levels and walks through crossover repairs. Great pics!
  • Rejuvenating Spica TC50
    Owner experiments with different types and brands of capacitors to restore sound to his TC50s